Signs Its Time To Consider Windshield Replacement

A clear, damage-free windshield is necessary for safe navigation by motor vehicle. The front glass protects passengers from flying debris and dirt. Traveling in inclement weather would be virtually impossible without the protective glass to prevent driving wind and rain from obscuring your vision.

Obviously, if there is a large gaping hole in your glass courtesy of a rogue golf ball, you should schedule an appointment for windshield replacement immediately. Minor damage can be repaired in many cases. If your windshield is damaged, the three tips below will help you decide if repair or replacement is best.

Damage Obscures Line-of-Sight

Any damage that prevents a clear line of vision should be addressed immediately. Even if the damage seems small, consult a professional. It is better to replace a windshield with damage directly in front of the driver’s seat than hope the cracks won’t spread.

Repair techniques are almost invisible. One of the reputable auto glass repair expect at King’s Glass should evaluate the location and size of the damage to determine if repairs will cause any distortion.

Cracks, Chinks and Fractures

Many small cracks are easily repaired. An excessive number of cracks or very long cracks can weaken the integrity and strength of your glass. This jeopardizes the overall safety of your auto. A weak windshield can lead to catastrophic results in an accident.

The following circumstances warrant replacement instead of repair.
•   The crack affects both the outer and inner layers of glasses.
•   Your windshield has built in heat/defrosting systems, special tinting or moisture sensors.
•   The crack is spreading or is longer than four inches.
•   The crack runs completely from top to bottom or side to side.


A windshield can leak water and wind if the glue or molding is weather-worn or otherwise damaged. If the damage is complicated by broken glass on the outside edges, it is best to replace the entire glass.

If you’re in the Calgary area and are looking to repair or replace your windshield the experts at King’s Glass can’t wait to get started on your project. Visit to begin today.