Daily Archives: June 8, 2018

The perfect manner in which bathroom mirrors can be used

White, bright and fabulous bathrooms are all the buzz in the latest bathroom design craze. Bathrooms splashed with boldly colored painted walls and patterned ceramic floor tiles adorned with pristine white pottery bathroom suites create the perfect drama. To finalize the look as the French would say “la piece de resistance”, the bathroom mirror. Bathrooms…

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The use of mirrors in home design

Almost all of us have mirrors in our homes. Some of us have one or two mirrors that we’ve carefully selected to stand out as decor pieces in the rooms where they are showcased. However, most people don’t really understand how to make the most of mirrors as a part of home design. The first…

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Signs Its Time To Consider Windshield Replacement

A clear, damage-free windshield is necessary for safe navigation by motor vehicle. The front glass protects passengers from flying debris and dirt. Traveling in inclement weather would be virtually impossible without the protective glass to prevent driving wind and rain from obscuring your vision. Obviously, if there is a large gaping hole in your glass…

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