Why You Need to Repair Rock Chips on Your Windshield

It’s a little frustrating when you get a rock chip on your windshield. But you might think that it’s not that serious of a problem and can wait to get repaired. That isn’t so. Here’s why you need to get rock chip repair in Calgary immediately when you’ve got a rock chip on your windshield.

Why do I need to get rock chips repaired?

Over time, rock chips can spread and crack – sometimes, this happens very quickly. Before you might even fully realize it, a tiny little chip or crack can turn into a three-inch crack in your windshield. Although small chips and cracks are easily and readily able to be repaired, anything larger than a bill means that your entire windshield needs to be replaced.

How quickly should I get a rock chip repaired?

If you’ve noticed a small crack or rock chip, then you should look at having your windshield repaired as soon as physically possible. Doing so saves you both time and money since waiting too long can result in a much larger crack and a far more costly repair that’s very time-intensive. The last thing you want to have to do is replace your entire windshield when it could have been avoided with a very simple repair.

Any recommendations on what to do if I can’t get it repaired ASAP?

If you can’t get in for rock chip repair in Calgary immediately, don’t stress too much. There is a solution that can keep the chip protected, preventing it from growing and causing further damage to your windshield. Using clear packing tape, cover the chip or crack. You absolutely should not use any sort of glue or another form of tape on your windshield, even as a “temporary” fix. The tape will keep your windshield clear of dirt and ensures that the repair takes properly.

Although a rock chip might seem like a little bit of a minor inconvenience, they can quickly turn into a much bigger problem. That’s why you need to invest in rock chip repair in Calgary as soon as physically possible. At King’s Glass, we offer affordable rates on rock chip repair. Give us a call today!