What to Know When Selecting Glass Shower Doors

When you’re designing your dream bathroom, you might want to consider adding in glass shower doors. Here in Calgary, the experts in installing glass shower doors are King’s Glass and they have a couple of tips for you when it comes to making a selection. Here’s what you need to know about selecting glass shower doors.

Measure the Space for Your Doors

As with anything related to construction or home renovation, you want to measure twice and choose once. Look at the space that you’re working with and how that would work with the style of door you’re thinking of going with and how that style of glass shower door will fit into the space. Next, you want to be sure that you’re taking careful and accurate measurements so your glass shower doors will fit properly.

Do you have a tub/shower combination?

When you’re considering glass shower doors, it’s important that you consider your existing layout – or whether or not you have a tub/shower combination. Sliding doors are an excellent option for a tub and shower combination, for example. You could also go for a partial enclosure if you want that modern appeal and it works for you.

Know Your Desired Aesthetic

Something to keep in mind when you’re choosing your glass shower doors here in Calgary is to think about the aesthetic that you’re looking to achieve in your bathroom. Style might not always be the first thing on your mind when you’re selecting a shower door, but it should still be on the list when you’ve narrowed down the options and are making your final choice.

With a bathroom remodel, there’s always a lot to consider. Your shower doors are something that you want to put just as much thought into as the finishes and what’s behind the walls. For those with questions about glass shower doors in Calgary, reach out to King’s Glass. Visit us online or call us today!