What to Do if You Need a Rock Chip Repair

What Should I Do If I Have a Windshield Rock Chip Crack? 

We’ve all heard it. You are cruising down the highway when suddenly, there’s a resounding thwack of a rock hitting the windshield. Unfortunately, this scenario is too common and causes a brief yet sudden fear but no significant damage. However, this resounding thwack can result in a chip or crack that has damaged your windshield. When you look closely at your windshield, you will likely notice a tiny crack has started, or there is now a chip in the glass of your windshield. Either of these will compromise the integrity and safety of your windshield. Therefore, you need a rock chip repair. 

Why You Need to Repair Your Windshield 

A chipped or cracked windshield can be more serious than you think and hazardous if you do not have it fixed. Cracks are especially dangerous, as these can spread and damage your entire windshield. Cracks can also affect your visibility, which is a serious safety concern. In addition, when you have a damaged windshield from a rock creating a crack or chip, the windshield becomes compromised and may not be able to withstand a crash. 

Although you may have seen videos on the internet telling you how to fix or replace your windshield, this task should be left to the professionals. When having your windshield fixed or replaced, Kings Glass can work with you. Depending on the damage, we will either repair it or replace the entire windshield. For example, a large crack will more than likely require a complete replacement. 

In Conclusion 

Make sure you pick a reputable glass company for the restoration of your windshield. This part of your car plays an essential role in your vehicle, especially for your safety. Also, check with your automobile insurance company, as many cover parts or all windshield damages. 

Where to Go in Cae of Windshield Damage 

King’s Glass is a family-owned business serving Calgary since 1983. We focus on providing quality work with the best service in the area. Call us today if your windshield has been damaged and you require a rock chip repair. We will make it our mission to repair or replace it so you and your family stay safe.