Top 5 Calgary Glass Trends in 2018

2018 has already started, but it’s not too late to remodel your doors and windows for a fresh look this year. Calgary glass trends of today have one theme – elegance. Here are the 5 home glass trends and glass styles you can consider to give your house or office the wow factor.

Moving Glass Walls

Indoor and outdoor living is the craze today in home remodeling. This includes moving glass walls, which are made for you to enjoy your beautiful garden, without stepping out of your house. Moving glass walls are definitely useful during winter; you can sip a cup of coffee with your family in your cosy couch while watching the snowfall. Natural daylight during summer can brighten up your home, thanks to moving glass wall systems. Open them up and you’re ready to entertain your guests with a lovely barbeque party in your backyard. What’s more, moving glass walls tend to make your home look bigger than what it is.

Bigger Glass Windows and Doors

Allowing more natural light in your home has been a trend since 2015, and it still continues this year. For this, you will need to replace your wooden front doors and small windows with much bigger glass ones. In the long run, you can save money from electric bills because you don’t have to turn on your lights during the day.

Sliding Windows and Doors

Give your home or office an oriental feel by installing sliding windows and doors. This style is cheaper than moving glass walls, but it also gives the same benefits. You can enjoy the view of your backyard or garden at the comfort of your living room or dining area. Also, natural daylight can come in easily with sliding windows and doors. Sliding patio doors will make your home or office look spacious as well.

Accentuate Your Windows

If you think that glass windows looks a little bit boring, you can spice it up with some colours that can match the overall tone of your walls and rooms. Bright colours are the latest trend. You can choose from yellow tones for a “happy home” vibe, or green tones to express productivity and success in your office. Vibrant colors of purple and blue are also popular options. Don’t be afraid to mix and match colours as well when choosing the right style for your home doors and windows because this is actually a good way to show your personality and genius in interior design.

Choose From Vinyl, Wooden or Fiberglass

Three kinds of patio doors that you’ll see trending this year are wooden, vinyl and fiberglass. These styles are all beautiful and able to give your home or office an expansive look. Vinyl patio doors are the most common ones and are highly durable. Their exterior frames can be colored, thus matching the tones of your walls. Wooden glass doors and frames are still ‘in’ this year. They give a classy and natural look. Fiberglass patio doors are more expensive, but are efficient in terms of energy.

It is definitely an exciting year for Calgary glass trends for doors, windows, and even walls. From changing glass types to choosing the right colors and materials, you’ll surely enjoy remodelling your home or office for an up-to-date appearance.