Top 3 Benefits of Glass Railings

If you’re looking for a stylish new addition to your home or deck, then glass railings are perfect. For the best reasons to install glass railings in Calgary, look no further than King’s Glass. We’ve got a list of the top three benefits of having glass railings installed in your home or on your deck.

Easy Maintenance

Glass is far easier to maintain, especially in comparison to iron or wood. All you need is a good quality glass cleaner to wipe down the glass every now and again, and your glass looks as good as new! Even when it comes to dents or scratches, a little polishing is all that’s needed to fix the issue and restore its beauty and shine. Plus, there’s no need to worry about having to replace the railing due to structural issues – particularly if it’s an exterior railing that’s exposed to the elements.

Safe and Durable

Glass railings are made with tempered glass, which is treated at a high temperature which makes it extremely durable. Tempered glass will easily hold up to both the elements and the rigours of everyday life, making it a top choice for railings, inside or out.

Additionally, glass railings last longer than wooden or steel ones due. Making them an excellent and highly functional alternative, particularly for those looking at replacing their deck railings with a better alternative that maintains a sleek and modern appearance.


One of the best reasons to choose glass for your railings is that it’s incredibly eco-friendly. Glass is recyclable and chemically inert – meaning that it doesn’t produce potentially harmful substances over time due to oxidization. Glass is a safe, eco-friendly alternative that has the added benefit of bringing a beautiful and modern touch to any building or room.

Glass railings are a stunning addition to any home here in Calgary. That’s why you should seriously consider all the benefits of having glass railings installed as part of your new home construction or as part of a renovation or facelift to your property. Call the experts at King’s Glass today for all your glass railing installation needs!