The Big Decision: Should Replace or Repair My Windshield?

With fuel prices at all time highs and monthly oil alterations, tire rotation and every other thing snatching big bites from your pocket it’s not hard to overlook those small cracks and nicks on your windshield. A lot of vehicle owners compare these blemishes to dents in the car body, what we don’t think of is how that little chip can transform into a spider web of cracks. Unfortunately, even little injury to glass can switch into major problems unless taken care of right away. There’s a lot to keep in mind when considering mending or replacing your damaged glass.

The first thing to think about when you get a ding in your window is when you’re going to book that appointment, sooner than later. As opposed to cosmetic dent in a vehicle’s physique, even the smallest harm to glass can become a significant problem quicker than you’d like. Everyday jostling and overall usage of your vehicle can lengthen cracks and trigger dings to spider web across your windshield. Dampness can also creep into even microscopic cracks overnight. As the temperature rises throughout the working day, the moisture expands and can enhance damage. This is why it’s crucial that your first step is to get your glass checked out and decide if it needs to be changed or fixed.

There’s no set rules on what types of damage is repairable, but there are a number of things that can help determine it. Repairs can typically be manufactured to any crack or dings that are below an inch or an inch and a half across. Although most people aren’t carrying around a tape measurer with them, there is a different way to evaluate. A typical quarter is just less than 1 inch throughout. There are exceptions to the rule, but if the coin completely covers the broken location, it could be a great candidate for some simply repairs.

Repairs are done with a range of fillers that are ‘injected’ into the cracks or chips. As soon as they’re hardened, the likelihood of any more cracks or breaks thanks to dampness, bumps, or common jostling on the street has vanished. Most repairs can be performed in beneath an hour and will leave only minor discoloration.

Changing your windshield means the cracks or spider webs wouldn’t be worth restoring. An easy way to check if you’ll need a new sheet of glass is by feeling both sides of the glass; if damage can be felt on either side it will most likely have to be replaced

Whether or not restoring or replacing, it’s important to consult a professional early on, many shops will give you a quote too. Auto accidents take place every year because of the failure of unsafe windshields or window damage. Fixing chips and nicks right away will keep your wallet plump in comparison to when you’ll need to replace the windshield.