Easy Home-Made Method to Clean Your Glass Shower Doors 

The use of soap products causes soap scum. Unfortunately, when bathing and showering, this is an unavoidable part of life. Soap scum especially likes to stick to glass shower doors and make them appear hazy or spattered with little grayish spots from mineral deposits. 

If you want to reduce the amount of time and energy you put into keeping your shower doors sparkling clean, try this easy homemade method of cleaning your shower. 

How to Make a Home-Made Cleaner for your Glass Shower Doors 

Commercial scrubbing cleaners often contain harsh chemicals, but a simpler way to make sure your shower doors look great. You will need: 

  • An empty spray bottle 
  • Vinegar 
  • Blue Dawn dish soap 
  • A soft sponge or Microfiber cloth 
  • Toothbrush 

Mix one cup of the white vinegar with 3/4 cup of Dawn dish soap and microwave in a safe glass bowl for one minute. When cooled, pour into the spray bottle. Spray the solution on your shower door in an even mist, so all the glass surface is covered. 

Let the solution sit on the glass for about five minutes. After five minutes, wipe down with a soft sponge or Microfiber cloth. You can use the toothbrush to clean out the tracks and other small corners the cloth cannot reach. 

Another solution: 

  • Fill a bucket with vinegar and apply it to your shower doors with a sponge. (one part vinegar to three parts water) The acidic vinegar will keep the glass from streaking on your doors.  
  • Allow the vinegar to sit on the glass for about thirty minutes, then wipe off with a clean rag and hot water. 
  • Clean the tracks or runners on your shower door with a soft-bristled toothbrush and white toothpaste. Rinse the paste off with the vinegar/water solution. 

In Conclusion 

This home-made cleaning solution should be the answer to getting rid of unsightly soap scum in your shower. However, you should note that if your shower is made of stone, the vinegar can damage it, so you should choose another cleaning method. If you have questions about cleaning your glass shower doors, talk to Kings Glass. We provide installation services, glass repair, and maintenance. 

Where to Find Great Shower Glass  

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