How to Choose The Best Shower Doors

Just like any other durable items, purchase of shower doors among other bathroom accessories, also involves a longer thought process due to two main factors.

First is the amount of money invested and second is the time horizon of the decision. Choice of an exquisitely stylish Shower door is fundamental to design of elegant showering space for a unique experience. Out of the various design options available from different Canada manufacturers the sliding door and pivot door options are the most commonly used, these two basic types come up in variety of sizes, designs and styles.

The first and primary challenge towards correct shower door design is the shape constraint. When shape is the issue it is better to prefer doors that consume less space and fit into the available space easily. Shape of the showering area is first to be considered. If you have a small space that does not make a perfect square you can choose doors that are quadrant shaped. Alternatively a smaller square area can be extended and an offset quadrant (rectangular quadrant) door can be used to enclose the longer sides. Another suitable way to overcome issues of shape is lack of space that can be overcome by a square door for corner entry or bi-fold doors. As both of these can come either as a pivot structure or as gliding doors it becomes easy to still choose your.

Style comes as the second preference in a logical order while making a buying decision as an immediate successor to functionality. In the choice of shower enclosures styles should be complimenting the style scheme of the rest of the bathing area and accessories. However in case you plan to develop your bathroom in phases due to finances you should consider choosing a supplier that provides both framed and frameless/hinged products like King’s Glass. This lets you keep your options open and does not restrict the choices to already chosen color scheming. When faced with a renovation challenge of an old bathroom for which you cannot find the desired type of add-ons from the supplier of your currently installed bathroom accessories a frameless door is an obvious option.

An additional factor is level of comfort and safety required by the homeowner. Framed doors are made up of compact material. Their distinctive design features are complete coverage and secure locking. These are suitable for households with more adults than children or where bathrooms need to be shared. Frameless doors on the other hand are lightweight and sleek in design. They are suitable option in case the house has one or more children, elderly or people with special needs as these require lesser force to push or slide open due to lower their mass.

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