A Glass Company Is More Than Just Windows

When most people think of a glass company, they likely think of a manufacturer and distributor of windows, whether on a home or an automobile. Much to the contrary however, there are a number of products that these companies produce for both the home and office.

While a glass company is the first place you should call if you need windows repaired or replaced in your home, office or vehicle, this isn’t the only time you should consider calling one.

Whether you’re a homeowner looking to upgrade your residence, a business owner or manager needing to make some repairs to an office or other place of business, or any number of other types of customers in between, there are a lot of products and services that a glass company can offer you.

Windows are the bread and butter of a glass company, but variations other than the most standard types are products you may never think of that could be just what you are looking for.

For stores and offices this might mean entire storefronts or other types of enclosures that helps capture the visual needs of your business. At the same time, it might also mean the type of material used.

Whether it’s safety glass that is strong and resistant to blunt force or even that of the bulletproof variety, adding it to your home or place of work can mean a safer environment. Likewise, adding panes that are insulted, tinted or otherwise resistant to the sun can help make your home or office more energy efficient and save you money in the long run.

In thinking more about the interior of a given structure rather than the exterior, there are different products and fixtures that a glass company can provide that can prove both beneficial and aesthetically pleasing.

For homes and other types of residences, everything from furniture tops to mirrors to shower enclosures can all come from the same companies. Likewise, various types of doors for your shower, out to your porch, patio or sun room or even an insert on one of your main entry doors can be designed and built using the type of pane, color and style that you like to make sure it is both practical and appealing.

For commercial operations, display cases are commonly needed and used to display items that are for sale while also keeping them locked away safely. These along with the personal items for your home can all be custom-made to feature various materials that can enhance their security, efficiency and overall value.

These types of products are just some very basic examples of what you can potentially get from King’s Glass. Like many other types of manufacturers, we also typically handle a large number of custom orders, meaning that there are a number of more personal, customized items or jobs that can be taken care of to your liking. Speaking with one of our representatives, we can help you determine what services and options are available to you.

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