3 Frequently Asked Questions About Windshield Replacement

If you’ve ever had questions about windshield replacement in Calgary, you’ve come to the right place. Thanks to the experts at King’s Glass, we’ve gathered the answers to three of the most commonly asked questions about windshield replacement. Let’s get to it.

How do I know if my windshield needs replacing?

It cannot be easy to know when your windshield needs to be replaced entirely versus a simple repair. While most tiny nicks, scratches, and dents can be easily repaired, if you have any that are larger than 1.25 inches, you’re looking at replacing your windshield entirely.

While small chips and dents in a windshield do qualify for repair, it’s essential that you know that cracks in your windshield cannot be repaired. A crack in your windshield creates a structural instability that a repair isn’t going to deal with, so a cracked windshield necessitates a replacement.

What are the differences between OEM and OEE windshields?

An OEM, or original equipment manufacturer, windshield is when the windshield and auto glass is manufactured by the same company that manufactured your original windshield. On the other hand, an OEE, or original equipment equivalent, windshield matches the original standards but is manufactured by a different company.

Both are held to the same standards, but OEM windshields are the top choice because they have more warranty and credibility. You can ask your technicians questions about OEM versus OEE and discuss your options, depending on the make, model, and age of your vehicle.

How long does a windshield replacement usually take?

Generally, a windshield repair lasts, on average, 15 to 30 minutes. On the other hand, a complete windshield replacement can last anywhere between 45 minutes to an hour, depending. The most significant reason is that a windshield replacement requires downtime to let the adhesives used in the replacement process dry and bond properly. If you drive your car off immediately after replacing your windshield, it can cause your windshield to become loose, which can be costly to fix.

Hopefully, these questions give you some peace of mind regarding windshield replacement. If you’ve got further questions about windshield replacement in Calgary, give the experts at King’s Glass a call.