3 Tips to Protect Your Windshield After Replacement

Windshields are vulnerable to chips and cracks due to road debris, accidents, and temperature changes. If the damage to your windshield is irreparable, get it replaced as soon as possible. The most important part of a windshield replacement is consulting glass experts. A poorly-installed windshield gives out after a while and endangers you and your passengers. Once your windshield replacement in Calgary is complete, you have to take care of the glass to maintain your vehicle’s structural integrity. 

While the first few days after replacement are critical, pay special attention to your windshield at all times to avoid repairs. Some care tips include:

Don’t Slam Doors After Windshield replacement

Gently close the car doors after windshield replacement. Anytime you open or close a car door, you create a pressure change in the vehicle that dislodges or punctures the seal. 

The adhesive will not cure until after several days, and slamming the door compromises this. Thus, close the car doors gently and discourage passengers from being aggressive with doors. It is better to handle the doors gently than to spend money on another replacement. 

Additionally, avoid rough terrains and bumpy roads to ensure the adhesive cures properly. Finally, drive slowly after you leave the repair shop and avoid the freeway for around six hours. You can wait for a day or two to drive the car as the new windshield settles into place. 

Leave the Adhesive Tape in Place for at Least Two Days

The adhesive tape holds the seal and windshield mouldings in place. Also, it prevents the elements from damaging the seal until it dries completely. However, many drivers remove the tape after leaving the repair shop because it doesn’t look great. By leaving the tape on for at least two days, you protect the newly sealed area and protect the windshield’s integrity. 

Leave a Window Slightly Open

Extreme temperatures in your vehicle place pressure on the seal as it dries. An open car window releases pressure buildup and prevents the windshield from popping out. If it is chilly, open the window for only an inch for the first day or two after replacement. 

In Conclusion

If the damage to your windshield is ample, you need windshield replacement services in Calgary. After replacement, take great care to prevent cracks or chips in your new glass screen. At Kings Glass, we understand professional installation keeps your vehicle and its passengers safe from harm. Contact us for a windshield replacement, rock chip repair, auto glass installation, or fixing a windshield crack.