How is Windshield Glass Different from Regular Glass?

You might not think that your windshield’s glass is much different from that of your home’s windows. After all, both are made of glass, so how different could they be? But if you’re in need of a repair or replacement, then it’s important to know the differences between windshield glass and regular glass. There’s a lot more to windshield glass than just its increased durability; from how it’s made to what it’s made of.

Material Make-Up

Windshield glass and window glass are made of different materials, which is the main difference between them. While silica sand makes up a large portion of the composition of both, windshield glass includes other materials, like cullet, dolomite, limestone, and soda ash. These additives improve the glass’ durability, lower its melting point, and making it easier to work with during production.

Additional Durability

A car’s windshield is comprised of two sheets of glass that are fused together with a layer of vinyl between them. The glass is then laminated after the process is completed. The extra layer of protection allows it to withstand more damage than standard window glass which is particularly important for the safety of the occupants.

Shattering Potential

A car’s windshield doesn’t shatter the same way that ordinary glass does. Windshield glass will shatter many small pieces or into a single large one, rather than breaking into large, sharp pieces. It might seem strange to design glass to shatter into more pieces, but this is done to reduce serious injuries from occurring in the event of a crash.

As a result, drivers and passengers are safer from accidents than they would be if standard window glass were used in place of windshield glass. When a force is strong enough to break the windshield, the resulting damage is frequently in the shape of a spider’s web.

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