4 Questions to Ask Your Auto Glass Repair Technician

For every driver, there comes a time when you need to consider where to go for auto glass repair in Calgary. If you find yourself in need of auto glass repair in Calgary, then King’s Glass is here to help. Here are four questions that you should be asking your technician before they start working on your car.

Are your technicians and company certified?

It’s important that you know whether a certified technician is working on your car. After all, you want to make sure that they’re a professional. As with many professional trades, there are certain certifications that need to be met and held for someone to be able to work on cars – whether as a mechanic or as an auto glass repair technician. Make sure that both the company and technicians are properly certified before you make a decision on where to go.

Will the repair be covered under my insurance?

This is probably one of the most important questions to ask. Professional auto glass companies will work with you and your insurance company, making sure that your repair will be covered – even if only partially – by your auto insurance.

How soon can I drive after the repair or replacement?

Before you make your decision on which company to go with, it’s crucial that you know what the timeframe is on completing your repair or replacement. For instance, if you’re having your windshield replacement, it generally takes an hour but you need to know this before you begin the repair or replacement process.

How are your technicians trained?

Much like with certifications, you want to be sure that the technicians have been properly trained on how to complete any sort of auto glass repair or replacement. Ask questions about the training process in addition to what certifications the technicians have.

It’s important that you make the right choice when it comes to auto glass repair. Make sure that you’re asking the right questions. At King’s Glass, we have years of experience working with auto glass repair in Calgary. Give us a call today to book an appointment or consultation!