Need a rock chip repair? Do not DIY!

Do not put off replacing your windshield if you need a rock chip repair. Instead, have your car’s windshield repaired by a professional as soon as possible. If you take care of the problem right away, you’ll be looking at a simple and inexpensive solution.  

Your Rock Chip Repair specialist will do the following:  

  1. Examine.  The type of damage and the amount of embedded debris will be assessed in a professional inspection.
  2. Keep it clean. Small glass fragments and other debris will be removed from the chipped area. This will ensure that the chip repair does not obstruct the driver’s vision.
  3. Apply the seal. The technician will then apply a special resin to the area and harden it with UV light.

The best part is that the resin dries transparently, blending in with the original glass.  

Tips to Avoid A Rock Chip Windshield  :

Maintain a safe distance. Keep a safe distance behind other vehicles, particularly roadwork trucks. This is especially true in the winter.     

The Drawbacks of Windshield Repair Kits : 

  • Avoid ordering one of those DIY windshield repair kits. They may save you money in the short term, but they come with several drawbacks.  
  • Unlike professional auto repair, DIY fixes can void your car’s warranty.  
  • It’s possible to make mistakes, which can end up being more expensive!  

It’s easy to make a mistake if you have never worked on a windshield before. Unfortunately, even the tiniest mistake is irreversible with this type of repair, and your windshield can be permanently damaged. This could result in a full windshield replacement when there is no need originally.  

Too Big of a Rock Chip?  

Larger chips and cracks will need the use of advanced tools and a technician.  

Coverage for Automobiles  

The most obvious reason to avoid DIY is this. Many car insurance policies include windshield replacement without a deductible or a premium increase! So why not hire a professional to do it instead? 

King Glass has years of experience with glasswork. As we continue to be a leading company for glass projects, we are delighted to make the best out of every single project. Whether you need a rock chip repair or a new windshield, we are your go-to glasswork shop. Book an appointment with us!