Are Glass Railings a Good Addition?

Design inspiration often includes popular glass stair railings, particularly if you’re looking for a sophisticated look for your home or business. Although the image might be striking, it might have made you wonder if these glass railings are safe.

If you like the look of glass railings, then you’ll be pleased to learn that they’re as safe as, if not safer then, other types of stair railings – when properly installed, that is. Continue reading to learn more about glass railings, including how they improve the appearance and functionality of a staircase and the features that make them so safe.

Glass Stair Railings for Residential and Commercial Use

Glass stair railings add a touch of elegance to any home or business. While there are a variety of designs to choose from, customization allows you to create almost any configuration imaginable.

Glass has the advantage of being adaptable to any room and complements a wide range of architectural styles and colour schemes. Because its transparent, you won’t have to worry about finding the perfect railing shade to compliment your décor. In addition, it’s low maintenance and long-lasting, which makes it an excellent investment.

Glass railings are typically made out of tempered glass, which is similar to the type of glass that windshields are made from. Tempered glass is often known as safety glass, because if it does break, it breaks into thousands of tiny pieces – thus reducing the chance of injury. Tempered glass is also much more durable than regular sheet glass, making it an excellent choice for staircase railings.

If you’re ready to bring safe, beautiful, and customized glass railings into your home or business, then King’s Glass can help! We have years of experience with fitting custom glass railings in a variety of layouts and configurations. Give us a call or request a quote for your next project!